Haris Rauf fighting with a fan in USA

Pakistan International Cricket team’s key player and 150 kph speed pacer Haris Rauf argues with a fan in the streets of the USA.

From the latest video of 54 seconds, where Haris Rauf gets angry over the fan using slang words of his family in front of his wife Muzna. The anger issue with Pakistani bowlers is far popular from Shoaib Akhtar to now Haris Rauf.

In a recent viral video, a guy who originated from Pakistan abused Haris Rauf and his family, due to the lack of performance by the Pakistan Cricket team in the T20 World Cup 2024.

In return, Haris argues the guy to not be irrespective of his family and releases a tweet/post on social media regarding this conflict.

Now the fight is taking the internet towards a national level of conflict between India and Pakistan cricket fans. Due to Haris Rauf’s words addressing the bully guy as an Indian. The guy himself clarified his nationality as Pakistani.

Indian and cricket fans are not happy with the statement to address the guy as Indian, as the person originally belonged to Pakistan.

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